Trust Your Gut, Feel Your Best.

Are you experiencing indigestion, inflammation or other symptoms caused by food intolerances? 

Our comprehensive non-invasive food intolerance test can help you understand the role food intolerances and sensitivities are playing in your everyday health.


Food Intolerance Test



Food Intolerance Test + Nutrients & Toxins



Without gutChek

  • Problems persist. Hard to predict gut issues.

  • Not solving problem, just masking your digestive upset with antacids

  • Bombarding your system and irritating your gut with foods it can't digest

  • Constantly experiencing an upset stomach and those nasty bouts of gas and diarrhea

  • Always feeling tired, dealing with sleep disturbances or constant fatigue

  • Repeatedly getting sick due to a weakened immune system

  • Continually suffering with headaches or annoying brain fog

  • Unexplained weight gain and dealing with increased inflammation


With gutChek

  • Problems solved. A healthy happy digestive system

  • Solve the problem, heal your gut and support your overall health

  • Learn what foods you're intolerant to and make better healthier food choices

  • Nurture your digestive tract and steer clear of those embarrassing bodily reactions

  • Fuel your body, feel great and increase your energy levels

  • Properly functioning and strengthened immune system

  • Boost your brain power, your mood and mental clarity to stay on top of your game

  • Support your body's ability to absorb nutrients, regulate blood sugar and utilize fat stores

How It Works


Order your
GutChek test


Collect and mail your sample


Receive your personalized gut health report


Receive your personalized results review

What is a Food Intolerance or Sensitivy?

Food intolerances occur when the body cannot properly digest or break down certain foods, causing a digestive system response or a digestive upset. Sometimes, the food we enjoy, doesn't always enjoy us and can lead to an irritated digestive system.

There are many factors that contribute to food intolerances. In some cases you may lack the specific chemicals, or enzymes to break down and properly digest proteins found in certain foods. Also common intolerances are related to added ingredients that provide colour and enhance taste.

Food intolerances can also be associated with difficulty digesting food items like dairy or gluten causing unpleasant physical reactions. The most common symptoms are bloating and stomach pain both occurring within a few hours of eating. Other symptoms associated with food intolerance include wind, bloating, diarrhea, skin rashes, itching, headaches and so many more.


What does the Gut Test check?

Identifies your food intolerances related to how well you are digesting certain foods

Discover the nutrients you are absorbing well from your food and the ones you may not be

Exposure to everyday toxins and how well your body is detoxing 

Know your food intolerances so you can make positive health focused choices moving forward

What's Included In My Test?

Receive Personalized Recommendations

$109.00 Food Intolerance Test - Your hair tested against over 640 food items

$169.00 Food Intolerance Test (incl. nutrients and toxins) - Your hair tested against over 780 food and non-food items

Both tests include - A comprehensive report detailing your results in an easy to understand format

Complimentary results review with one of our gutChek experts


Your personalized wellness recommendations are designed to help balance your overall digestive health and wellness, delivered through your personal report, so you'll be able to make great choices moving forward!

Food sensitivities can help with:










Weight Gain


Acid Reflux




A road map to better health


Learn how your body is responding to current dietary & lifestyle choices

Personalized results provided for your unique health goals

Personalized complimentary review of your test results by one of our gutChek experts

Be empowered to improve your digestive health, your immune system, brain health and of course, your overall health

Food Intolerance Test



Learn how your body is responding to current dietary & lifestyle choices

Personalized results provided for your unique health goals

Personalized complimentary review of your test results by one of our gutChek experts

Discover what nutrients you are absorbing well and the ones you may be low in

Be empowered to improve your digestive health, your immune system, brain health and of course, your overall health

Food Intolerance Test + Nutrients & Toxins


What is Bioresonance?

Our testing process utilizes state of the art quantum physics technology that is a non-invasive process and able to detect changes on a cellular level from your hair sample.

Cells function energetically, so this process can reveal electromagnetic disturbances the cells are experiencing and what could be causing the disruption. 

The testing process identifies how your system may be responding to certain items, including foods and proteins.  When a disturbance is detected, the testing identifies which items may be causing the digestive response and unpleasant symptoms. 

Your results provide you with an understanding of what may be causing the digestive issues, so you can deal with the root cause.

Benefits of Bioresonance

Identifies your food intolerances related to how well you are digesting certain foods

Non Invasive - unlike blood tests

Providing results that allow you to make health focused choices moving forward.

Less expensive than blood intolerance testing

Why Check Your Gut?


Better Digestion


Sustainable Energy


Healthier Heart


Improve Immunity


Improve Metabolism


Balanced Mood


It made an enormous difference!

I wanted to tell you how happy I am with your service. It has only been one week, and I have eliminated five of my top intolerances. (foods that I ate on a regular basis)  It has made an enormous difference. I feel like a new person. I have so much energy, my head is so much clearer, my skin is so much better, and less body soreness. I am so thankful!

~ Erin W.

SC Insurance

The majority of our articles focus on life insurance, health plans and other solutions to help protect you, your family and business. And while those themes are very important, we also like to share unique and interesting information and offerings for our clients.

It is for this reason that we have developed a relationship with an innovative company out of Calgary, Alberta that is helping people, and their pets, live their best lives by helping them understand the foods they eat, and how this impacts energy, mental health, fitness, immune system and more.

Though it may seem like a minor issue, getting to the bottom of digestive issues can be the key to reclaiming control of one’s life and eliminating a variety of symptoms such as nausea, upset stomach, rashes, headaches, joint pain, migraines etc.

Traditionally, there were only a couple of ways to figure out which foods were causing problems; do a very restrictive elimination/reintroduction diet over a couple of months and hope that it isolated the offending food, or take an expensive blood test. Neither is particularly appealing. This is why we were so excited when we recently discovered a third option; GutChek.

GutChek costs much less than the cost of a traditional blood test, yields much more accurate results, and doesn’t require any doctor’s visits or painful needles. All you need to do is send in a sample of your hair, mail it in, and they process it and send you your results. You get a comprehensive list of foods that you may be intolerant to and help identify vitamins missing from your diet.

You can also elect for a one-on-one consultation with a nutritionist to help take you through your results and assist in coming up with a reasonable game plan. GutChek is available for people and pets, and is a powerful and efficient way to take control of your health. One annual GutChek test has also been included in the Wellness Bundle of our new Executive Health Plan, BYOND Complete Executive Health.


gutChek Health Customer

I was dealing with eczema!

I had been dealing with eczema for many years!  My hands were so sore and raw that I had difficulty doing minor tasks.  My doctor gave me multiple creams and medications over the years, but they only provided temporary relief.  I tried gutChek and found several items that I reacted to. I avoided the foods that tested the highest and within 3 months my hands were healed and better than they had been in years.  My doctor said that I was just in remission, but when I added a couple of the foods back in, I had another flare up. Now I know what to avoid and I'm no longer on any medication. DK


Yes, the test is completed on the composition of the sample so hair dye or treatments will have no effect on the result.